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Auctions and more...

We offer so much more than your typical store.

With our sister company,

Auction Studios, we can help you navigate the sale of your items.  Whether it is one piece, a collection or an entire estate, we have solutions for you.


Not your typical live auction.

In keeping with an ever advancing technological world, the handling of estates items has changed.  In lieu of a traditional estate sales,  we utilize a hybrid strategy of the traditional auction.  Our teams photograph and lot your items, it goes online for thousands to see and after the auctions ends, the winning bidder picks up the item at your location.  This proves to be an effective method of selling more of your items for top dollar.  With less material to handle at the end compared to other traditional ways of selling, you save more.  The end result is more money in your pocket.

Call for more information. 763-772-4674

I don't know where to start...

We understand.   Trying to navigate what to do with an estate can be overwhelming.

With our vast network, we know the different options that are available to you for managing the liquidation of an estate.  Everyones circumstances are vastly unique and we can cater a strategy specifically for you.  Call to see how we can help.


We do.  Let us help you navigate.

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